XL-200P Multiband P25 Portable Radio with LTE, Wi-Fi, GPS

LMR - LTE Converged Device

The Harris XL-200P is a portable multiband P25 radio that supports broadband communications—via a standard Wi-Fi feature and an optional LTE modem—and unprecedented volume levels in a rugged package.

The XL-200P is the most advanced public safety radio available. The easy-to-use user interface includes top and front color displays with big, bold text and labeled softkeys. Also standard is the one-button, voice playback feature that provides audio of your last incoming call.

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Newest Full Featured Wireline Dispatch

The Symphony Dispatch Platform provides high-performance computing and graphics capability to support 24-hour mission-critical dispatch operations. The completely solid state design affords the high reliability needed for dependable communications in emergencies.

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VIP Console

Low Profile Software-Based Dispatch

Created for the backup dispatch user, the VIP Console also affords the administrative user an easy way to monitor radio system communications. The VIP Console provides easy access to basic and enhanced dispatch functionality.  I am just going to add a bunch of text to see how much of it will display.  And will it just keep scrolling and scrolling down until we reach the end?

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